Australian Liquid Fertilizer

Soil-free, mechanically automated liquid fertilizer, herbicide, and animal fodder technology. our grains and legumes are ready for harvesting in only 7 days. Feed ready, belt automated fodder, delivering nutritionally balanced feed to livestock.

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For All of Your Liquid and Organic Fertilizer Needs

In addition, the system is the ultimate, soil-free, mechanically automated fodder producing system for nutritionally balanced livestock feed.

Seed to Harvest

Machines deliver Impressive results that are not dependent on the weather conditions. 

Unique Formula

There are 6 primary technology components that together make this system unique.

Benefits to Growth

Would it be good for your business to never have to worry about droughts or rain again?.

Machine Design

The Process Flow Diagram shows 6 key components. See How It Works page.

Bio Range of Products

BioStim7® Organic Silicon Super Spreader is an organically approved non-ionic adjuvant.

Calcium & Potassium

BioStim7® is a readily available source of Calcium, Potassium and balanced trace elements.

3in1 Liquid Fertilizer

BioEssence7® is an Australian 3in1 liquid fertilizer derived from plant extracts & microorganisms.

Fertilizer Applications

As a natural fertilizer, it can help in growing safe food and is also suitable for organic growers.

BioStem7 Technology

Calcium and Potassium Balanced Trace Elements

Proudly Australian Owned

General Directions

Mix well before use.
It is advisable to try
out the BioStim7® Cal
Pot on a small area
before spraying on the
whole area.

  • 10 to 20L/hectare.
  • BioEssence7® 3×1 10-20 L/hectare.
  • 4ml/L of Water.
Aqua & Hydroponic
  • 4ml/L of Water.
Foliar Application

5 ml/Litre of water. Mix and spray to get good coverage of the whole plant.

Soil Application

1 ml/10 L of Water.

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Let’s Help You Grow A Strong And Healthy Soil For Better Growth

All information provided in this data-sheet by our technical representatives is compiled from the best knowledge available to us. However, since data, safety standards, and government regulations are subject to change and the conditions of handling and use, or misuse are beyond our control, we make no warranty either expressed or implied with respect to the completeness or accuracy of this information contained herein. Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility whatsoever arising from reliance on the accuracy of this information and strongly recommends that users of this product obtain their own separate technical advice with respect to the use or handling of this product.