How It Works

The Liquid Fertilizer, Herbicide, and Animal Fodder machine can be set up for farmers or the products sold in containers from 1 liter to 1,000 liters of concentrate or ready-to-use product.

System Design

All components of our fodder and fertilizer machine are Australian-made and supported.


Importantly, the machine and system can plug into a farms existing irrigation system easily and quickly.


Machine and system maintenance is simple and intuitive for those that desire an onsite system.

Seed Selection

Fodder production can use common cereal crops with added mung beans or alternatives.

Our Machine Is A Soil-free Mechanically Automated Fodder Producing System

The Machines Are Fast To Produce High Volumes From Grains & Legumes Ready In Only 7 Days

Its A Soil Free System Growing Fodder On A Special Automated Conveyor Belt Delivering Product


The machine can be placed ANYWHERE on the farm, either undercover or in the open area. Layout plans can be provided upon request. The Process Flow Diagram shows 6 key components that together make this Australian made system unique.

Low Water Usage

The system is designed so that the machine delivers maximum growth with minimum water usage. Water can be recycled and by using our own Liquid Fertilizer, this provides maximum nutrients and fast growing time. The perfect system for Australian conditions.

Special Features

  • A natural fungicide has been added to the machine system which will help combat any fungal issues.
  • The machine system is not impacted by drought.
  • The machine and operating system is not impacted by severe frosts.
  • Natural sunlight improves the quality of the machine to produce. So we encourage the benefits achieved from this.
  • Every machine and operating system can feed 140 cows per day.
  • The footprint of each machine is 6.0m x 32.0m.
  • The machine and operating system allow users to significantly increase the number of cattle that can feed on your land.
  • When using the machine, subject to the law of the land and the recommended guidelines, you may consider a land size of 3,000+ m2 for 140 cows.
  • Feeding on the machine and operating system’ fodder does result in healthy cattle and a significant increase in muscle and body mass.
  • The machine has been seen to expedite the speed of weight gain by the animal.
  • Cattle raised on the machine’s fodder have a higher quality of meat with noticeably lower water content

Livestock farmers that raise sheep, goat, cattle, pigs and other animals;

Dairy farmers;

Poultry farmers; and

Fish farmers.

Other Services

High Yield Animal Fodder

Fodder can be grown and delivered to the paddock automatically with additives such as lucern.

Liquid Fertilizer

Fertilizer is produced in concentrate on a 10 /1 basis. Can be spread on open paddock or garden.

Organic Herbicide

Our Herbicide is clean, green and powerful. Plants open up awaiting moisture instead of herbiside.

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Let’s Build Your Dream With Better Fertilizer!

The machine and operating additives when configured, is the ultimate, soil-free, mechanically automated fodder producing system for nutritionally balanced livestock feed, particularly for superior cattle health and fattening purposes.