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Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd ACN 645 350 750 is a wholly owned Australian company involved in the manufacture and distribution of rural fodder technology and production of liquid fertilizer & herbicides

We’ve been creating high quality animal fodder, fertilizer & herbicide since 1990

The company’s principles have a long history in the development of hardware technology and bio stimulant formula to develop hardware and fertilizer, herbicides and animal fodder products. The research and development (R&D) company has worked closely with local government and was awarded government grants for the research and development of this technology and subsequent products.

Originally targeting sustainable livestock feed for cattle farmers to drought proof their herds as well as compete with those exporting cattle to international markets. An automated crop producing machine and supporting technology has been developed, which “turbo charges” the crop yield timeline in a chemical free, fully sustainable and automated manner. Farming costs are dramatically reduced by saving the need for pesticides and insecticides, tractor usage, watering, carbon input to the soil, and labour costs.

Vertical and berry fruit farming

Livestock; cattle, sheep, goats and pigs

Dairy farmers

Poultry farmers

Fish farmers, aquaculture

The period working with local government in a Queensland rural area, the research and development curve was live and direct with end users who rely on leading edge technology to overcome drought and soil nutrient depletion. The company is now moving to the commercial release of wholesale and retail volumes of liquid fertilizer, organic herbicide and fodder technology.

Special Features of our Technology and Services

  • A natural fungicide has been added to the system which will help combat any fungal issues.
  • The system is not impacted by a drought.
  • The system is not impacted by severe frosts.
  • Natural sunlight improves the quality of the system and produce. So, we encourage the benefits achieved from this.
  • Every system can feed 140 cows per day.
  • The footprint of each machine is 6.0m x 32.0m.
  • The system allows you to significantly increase the number of cattle that can feed on your land.
  • When using the system, subject to the law of the land and the recommended guidelines, you may consider a land size of 3,000+ m2 for 140 cows.
  • Feeding on the system’ fodder does result in a healthy cattle and significant increase in muscle and body mass.
  • The system has been seen to expedite the speed of weight gain by the animal.
  • Cattle raised on the system’s fodder have higher quality of meat with noticeably lower water content

“Our complete liquid fertilizer, herbicide and animal fodder system is fully transportable to any rural property!”

The system is the ultimate, soil-free, mechanically automated fodder producing system for nutritionally balanced livestock feed, particularly for superior cattle health and fattening purposes.

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